For 3D printing, it’s often too hard to figure out how much filament you need. So instead, there are many things to think about, like how often you print, how big your objects are, and what kind of filament you use.
Since metal is heavier than plastic, the amount of filament you need differs for each. Also, if you print daily, you’ll need a different amount of filament than someone who prints once a week.

So, how much filament do I need to make a 3D object?

How much filament do I need to print a 3D object?

As a general rule, you should start by getting two filament spools. Some people like to go by weight and say you should get 2–2.5 pounds of filament a month, but the accuracy of this depends on the material you’re printing with. It also depends on how much printing you’re going to do, so I like to stick to the two-spool rule because it works for all materials.
You’ll need to figure out how much you’ll need if something goes wrong. All 3D printers know that mistakes are part of the process, which is why there are things like rafts and brims. You might have broken or distorted parts, so you’ll need extra filament to print them again.

You can figure out how much filament you need to print the shapes you want and add 30% more filament in case the print doesn’t work.

Instead of following the 30% rule, you can get two extra filament spools if you’re unsure how much you’ll need. So, you will always have more.

Remember that big printing shapes use more filament than small ones, and the number of times you print can make a big difference. So, it’s important to know how much the objects you want to print will weigh. Your minimum is the weight that comes out.

How can I tell how much ink my printer needs?

Slicing software is one of the best ways to determine how much filament you need. Upload your print file to a slicer when it’s ready, and it will tell you how much material you need.
Every slicer is different, but some tell you how much something weighs in grams, while others use meters. On top of that, some slicers will show you the price if you put in the cost per spool.

Most filament spools on the market will tell you how much they weigh and how big they are, so you can figure out how many you need.

If you can’t use slicing software for whatever reason, you can always print a trial. Then, you’ll see how much paper your printer needs to make the shape you want. So, you’ll know exactly how much filament you need.

How long does a reel of thread last?

You won’t get pertinent information if you ask how long your spool will last. That is unless you say how many parts you want to print, how much they will weigh, and how they will look.

The better question is, how many things can you make with one spool of filament?
Well, when it comes to 3D printing, many people use the average size of chess pieces as a guide. A 1 kg spool of ABS filament will be enough to make an average of 400 chess pieces. It’s up to you if you make them in a week or a month. But how many spools you need will depend on how often you print.

Wrap Up

Many factors make it hard to figure out how much filament you need for 3D printing. Using software to slice is a good way to figure out how much material you’ll need. But, ultimately, how much and how often you print will make all the difference.


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