Decorating with organic balloons is a new trend quickly becoming one of the hottest. You might wonder what an organic balloon garland is, so let’s explain.

What’s an organic balloon garland?

Organic balloon decor, like an organic balloon garland, is a beautiful sculpture that tries to look like the beauty of nature by naturally placing balloons. When natural decorations are put together well, they make a beautiful design that can set the mood of the event space.
You can find organic garlands in some of the following places:

  • A baby shower for a business
  • Parties for birthdays
  • Other events of note

Many fakes of things look like they came from nature, so what makes an organic balloon garland different? It doesn’t just have a natural feel because the latex bubbles are different sizes and tumble over each other. Some organic balloons are different from others because of how they are made. If you want to find classic balloon arches, try this post about the different kinds of balloon arches.

The best organic balloons for sale are made of perfectly round balloons of different sizes stacked on top of each other to assemble a sculpture that looks like a natural arch or half-arch. Nature has symmetry, balance, and a mathematical harmony that ties everything together, even though each thing is unique. So the balloons that make up a natural arch should also know how to do the math.

What can you do with a string of organic balloons?

You can utilize the organic design of balloon garlands to make your organic designs for things like:

  • Balloon bouquets
  • Curtains with fringe
  • Balloon columns
  • Balloon groups
  • Organic balloon walls
  • Organic half or balloon arches
  • A beautiful arrangement of balloons

A mesh or white wall can be the perfect background for a balloon garland.

Your art piece can be made in any way you want.

How to Make a Balloon Garland: Things to Think About

Since balloon garlands can be made in many different sizes, it’s important to know what you want to do before you start.

What kind of designs do you want on the balloons?

What kind of balloons do you want? Latex, confetti, or foil?

There are many different sizes of balloons. Are you going to use small balloons or big ones?
There are so many ways to decorate with balloons.

So, starting is much easier if you already have an idea.
Balloon Artistry has some great pictures of walls, arches, and columns made of balloons.

Arch of Organic Balloons

When it comes to organic balloon arches, it doesn’t have to be an arch.
Most of the time, it’s an L-shaped stretch of organic balloon garland turned upside down.

This semi-arch, also called a demi-arch, can be made in several natural ways, so no two are the same.

Unlike a standard balloon arch, an organic balloon arch will always look different, even if the same number of balloons and colors are used, and the same artist puts it together.

Cost of an Organic Balloon Arch

How much an organic balloon garland costs depends on several things. The most crucial factor is how much it costs to put the decorations together. In the past, arches were made by hand-sizing balloons. We now have tools that help us quickly and easily blow up balloons to the right size. Organic balloon columns may cost up to four times as much as regular balloon columns and take just as much more time to make a figure that would be much easier to make with regular garland.

Because it takes more time, the price of an organic balloon wall may be much higher than that of a regular, simpler balloon wall. When you talk to a balloon decor designer, you can often get a balloon price guide in the form of a pricing chart. Companies will try to find out how much a balloon garland should cost ahead of time to quote prices for organic arch balloons quickly.

If you want an organic arch for your event, ask the company you’re working with to show you some of their past work. Many artists think it’s easy to make something pretty and classy out of balloons. However, to make something pop, you need to have an eye for nature, love balloons, and want to show off your skills with your organic balloon decor.
It’s important to know that fully biodegradable balloons are the industry standard. That latex balloons, normally, are all organic balloons, which means that at the end of their life cycle, they will break down and go back into nature.

In general, the cost of an organic balloon arch is estimated by the linear foot, and it may cost anywhere from 3 to 10 times as much as a normal balloon garland.


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