3D printers might be costly to acquire at first. However, it only takes a few good contracts to generate enough revenue to offset that cost. Here are some of the top 3D printer monetization ideas.

1. Make and sell miniature creations

Others like purchasing and displaying collectible figurines in their houses. Create your figurines and sell them to others.

Figurines may range from mysterious creatures to exciting action figures, animal and superhero reproductions, and more. Customers will flock to you for unique designs and presents if you use exquisite details in your products.

2. Launch a 3D Printing Blog

Develop your knowledge of 3D printing and build a blog about it. You may publish articles on the finest printers and goods, step-by-step tips, and even sponsored articles.

To monetize your site, use affiliates and adverts, and maintain developing material on 3D printing tutorials, reviews, buyer and gift tips, and even the things you should not do with this specific printer. There is no scarcity of 3D printing content to be created.

3. Produce tutorials and reviews for YouTube

There are further methods to monetize 3D printing, such as having a YouTube channel and publishing instructions and reviews. Assist newcomers in their search for answers on how to operate their printer or demonstrate rewarding products being created right in front of your visitors.

Teach them how to put their printer together and clean it. Leave useful feedback on individual printers and goods as well. Finally, add affiliates to your channel and advertising to increase your earning potential.

4. Provide Print-on-Demand Services

Make money by offering 3D printing on demand to friends, family, neighbors, and the community. Allow others to pay you to use your printer so that you may return your investment faster.

Advertise your services on social media, distribute fliers in your community, place an ad in the local newspaper, and get recommendations from others. Charge a reasonable fee for each item you print on demand.

5. Provide 3D Printing Classes in-person or online.

“What can you do with a 3D printer to generate money?” many people question. The solution might be as easy as delivering courses on operating the printer, either locally or online. Teach people to make the most of their investment and generate money with their printer.

Learn all you can about your printer and educate others about it so that they may utilize it to its greatest potential. Your students will pay for the convenience of having someone explain how to construct and run their machine and learn new skills.

6. Lease Your 3D Printer

Profit from 3D printing by charging a fee to hire your 3D printer. Allow them to print their creations and charge for the time it takes. You may hire your printer for one-time requirements ranging from basic home d├ęcor to party favors.

Consider charging per hour or per job. This prevents others from buying the printer, particularly if they won’t need one when their job is completed.

7. Online sales of 3D printers and supplies

Make 3D printing a side income by easily launching an eCommerce site on Shopify and selling printers and materials. Customers may be reached via social media advertising, Pinterest, and word-of-mouth. Sell the requirements that 3D printing consumers need to properly print their creations and keep them returning to you as their one-stop shop.

8. Work as a 3D Printing Consultant.

As a consultant, you are an expert who can assist others in learning the profession. 3D printing consultants educate people on how to use their equipment and advise them on the services they provide, referring them to the finest items and informing them about new or enhanced machines that may benefit them.

You might also be someone who advises them on troubleshooting issues. Consultants might bill by the hour or month, depending on the customer’s requirements.

9. Purchase and Resell Used 3D Printers

3D printing may seem an exciting new technology, but some individuals may have made a rash choice. After deciding that 3D printing isn’t for them, these printers are often for sale online or at local markets.

Furthermore, some sellers may sell their printers to get the latest improved version. Purchase secondhand printers, check they are in excellent working order, clean them up a little, and then resell them for a profit to others.

10. Provide Paid Demos

A 3D printer may be attractive, but it may rapidly become a giant, costly paperweight if you don’t know how to operate it. Therefore, customers who have acquired a 3D printer should be offered paid demonstrations to assist them in grasping the potential they have to accomplish some huge projects.

Don’t let them leave the printer unused. Instead, provide weekly or monthly demonstrations to regularly educate people on their potential.


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