While you won’t be able to make your home 3D printer print ten times quicker than it is today or surpass the breakthrough Fast FFF machine, Artsandcraftslife understands what you can do if you want to speed up your 3D Printer.

Most methods for improving 3D printing speed may also impact the quality of your figurine or model. Still, there are circumstances when you need to go quicker.

1. Adjust 3D Printing Speed

Playing with settings is the prior thing you can attempt if you want to speed up 3D printing. Every hobbyist appreciates using specific slicing software. So, investigate all of your options and fine-tune your settings.

The ability to customize how quickly the print head goes is incredible. However, it does not always harm the quality of a complicated 3D printed model. You may boost the speed significantly when constructing something simple without sacrificing quality.

2. Replace Nozzle

You don’t always worry about the correctness of your Print. In this scenario, a larger nozzle may be adequate. You may, for example, modify the Nozzle on your 3D Printer from 0.4mm to 0.8mm. You may also choose a 1.0mm print head.

A lot relies on the size of your present Nozzle. The usual print heads are 0.2mm and 0.4mm in diameter. However, opting for a larger size might save you time and boost your 3D printing speed.

3. Raise the layer height

If you raise the speed of your 3D Printer by changing the Nozzle with a larger print head, you will also need to increase the layer height. You may set a maximum height of about 75% of your existing nozzle diameter.

As a result, hobbyists who have replaced their 0.4mm Nozzle with a 0.8mm print head may increase the layer height to 0.6mm. Because the layers will be smaller and the pace will be significantly faster, such characteristics will impact the quality of your project and result in the loss of many stunning features. Remember this while experimenting with nozzle size and layer height.

4. Reduce Wall Thickness

Models and figurines with 100% infill take longer to print, but they are more durable when done. You may have anticipated that fiddling with wall thickness and decreasing infill speeds up 3D printing. However, such a game should be played with caution since thin walls and minimal filling may result in a collapsing project.

If you own a resin 3D printer, you can conserve resin and boost 3D printing speed – Premium 3D printing marketplace’s suitable DLP/SLA Eco version of STL files.

The Eco version ensures that your walls are thick enough to make the model strong, detailed, and of the highest quality imaginable. Simultaneously, the project is being hollowed out.

5. Print two models at the same time

Working on two projects simultaneously is another way to increase 3D printer speed without sacrificing print quality. It is only feasible if both models or figurines are small enough to fit on the same print bed without colliding.

The setting may be changed in the slicing program. For example, select to center and position both 3D printing models in the same batch. The biggest disadvantage of this strategy is that although both projects will use the same filament, the final printing speed will be drastically lowered.

6. Do Not Use Any Supports

When a sophisticated 3D printing model necessitates many supports, the printing time increases. As a result, if you choose to execute projects with as little support as possible or learn how to 3D Print without support, you may increase the pace and finish the figurines faster.

Premium 3D printing marketplace provides several stunning models that are precisely sliced into various assembly sections to reduce the number of supports. When you download the STL files for such projects, you can be certain that your 3D printing speed will increase.

7. Modify the Infill Pattern

If you don’t want to experiment with infill density but still want to speed up 3D printing, consider adjusting the infill pattern in settings. Different hobbyists work with different designs, but the “lines” or “rectilinear” form is the most common “speed saving” variation.

The lined infill is quite straightforward. When manufacturing a figure using rectilinear infill, your 3D Printer will make fewer movements, which may cut printing time by up to 20%-25%. However, the models will be weaker than triangular or grid designs.

8. Experiment with Jerk Settings

After adjusting your slicing program to increase your 3D printing speed, you may experiment with changing the jerk settings. They determine how fast the print head may theoretically move. certainly, the print head should move smoothly since higher speed may harm the print quality and potentially contribute to mechanical difficulties with a 3D printer.

You may also change the acceleration parameters. They govern how quickly the print head achieves its maximum speed. It’s fantastic when you can find the right combination of jerk and acceleration settings to slightly enhance printing speed without damaging the model or Printer.

For example, if you use jerk settings of 10 (low value) and a print speed of 60mm/sec, you will spend a lot of time, but the print quality will be adequate. On the other hand, increasing the printing speed to 120mm/sec and the jerk value to 40 will save printing time by 25%! However, you may also expect the 3D printed object’s quality to suffer.

9. Replace 3D Printer

If dissatisfied with your present equipment, you may always hunt for a quicker 3D printer. However, such a gadget is not cheap. Moreover, most home 3D printers are not as fast as industrial 3D printers.

The cheapest FDM printers, for example, may cost as little as $300 or even $200 and print at 60mm/sec. However, they can never match the pace of an industrial machine like the Massivit 1800, which can achieve 1,000mm/sec.

Buying a second 3D printer or two inexpensive ones is often a great idea. You may always speed up 3D printing by printing various components of the same project on two or three separate printers simultaneously. It is not an expensive approach, but it may work and will not affect the final product’s quality.

10. Select Items to 3D Print Quickly

Choosing rapid 3D print ideas is another common strategy for enhancing 3D printing speed. It is great for beginners who want to learn on the move while progressing from basic models to more complicated miniatures.

Premium 3D printing, provides many beautiful objects to 3D Print rapidly, which may save you printing time. Even the most basic figures and sculptures are so intricately detailed that you may create a true masterpiece.


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