Are you interested in different ways to make pottery but unsure if it’s an expensive hobby? Read on to find the answers to all your questions. Where to begin? How much does it cost to start? How can someone start making pottery at home?

People think that pottery is a pricey hobby. Well, it doesn’t cost that much. No need to spend a lot of fortune on fancy pottery wheels. It’s a good idea for beginners to start at home with simple tools and clay. Then, learning how to make pottery and getting better at it is easy.

Pottery is an expensive hobby if you start by buying expensive materials. At first, you can buy cheap things that are easy to throw away if they break. However, it is a smart choice to start doing your hobby at home.

Is learning pottery an expensive pastime?

Pottery is one of the most engaging and soothing activities. You can make as many different things as you want with clay. It’s a success to shape a lump of clay into a beautiful work of art that draws attention in a living room.

Pottery can be a pricey hobby if you start by buying fancy and pricey tools. Trial and error is the best way to learn how to make pottery and make a good piece. Of course, your first piece can’t be perfect, so there will be mistakes in it. But, to make a successful masterwork, you must keep working.

Let’s see what the easiest and least expensive way to start is. And what are the options for pottery that are possible?


Before making pottery, you should learn the lessons, tools, and techniques you’ll need to understand how it works. If you want to discover more about pottery, it’s a good idea to talk to a pro. They know more about the different kinds of pottery than you do.


You can also take a few pottery classes for people just starting. First, they will tell you what tools are worth buying. Then, after a while, they tell you about the different kinds of clay and what will work best for you at first. Also, taking different pottery lessons will help you decide if pottery is your thing or not.


The cost of a pottery class depends on where you live and what country you live in. You could pay for the first few lessons and, if you like what you learn, pay for more lessons later. Most pottery classes are 8 weeks long.


When you first start, buying pottery tools can be an expensive option. But it’s smart to buy only the tools you need if you want to learn pottery. Here is a list of the first things you will need.

  1. Some small towels and an apron.
  2. Water and slurry can be stored in buckets.
  3. A set of two sponges
  4. A soft, big brush, preferably made of bamboo.
  5. A tool for cutting wood.
  6. Special needles for potters.

Most of the things can be found at home. It is easier to choose options that are possible. Your hands are the best tools you have. You can make many things by hand by learning how to handle and shape clay.

There are four main types of pots that don’t need a pottery wheel.

  • Pinch pots: are a very easy way for beginners to make art.
  • Slab pottery: is another easy way to make pots. Most slab pots are square or rectangular.
  • Molds: To shape your clay, use a mold.
  • Coil pots: Coiling is another way to shape clay. First, make a ball of clay. Then, start squeezing it until it takes the shape of a long sausage. Then you start putting them together layer by layer.


The best thing about making pottery by hand is that it can be done. You need the right tools, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to wait long or buy expensive tools.

In slip casting, you mix clay and water to make a thick paste, which you then pour into a plastic mold. When it’s dry, it takes the shape of a mold.

Air-drying clay dries in the air, just like its name says. So you don’t have to put it in the kiln to heat it. Instead, you can use it to make toys and jewelry.


Making pottery at home is an interesting and fun thing to do. In the next few lines of this article, you’ll find out how to start making pottery at home and how much it will cost. First, however, no matter what you want to make, you need a few basic tools before you can start making pottery.

  1. Clay:

First, you have to buy the clay you want. On the market, there are many different kinds of clay. You can like anyone based on who makes you feel most comfortable. For people who are just starting, it is best to work with “Stoneware.” It doesn’t let water in and is easy to work with.


Even though you don’t have to buy a pottery wheel to start making pottery, you will only be able to use molds and shapes that you make by hand. If you buy a pottery wheel, it will give your ideas a place to go. It comes at various prices, so you can buy the one that works best for you.


Kilns are different kinds of ovens needed to fire the clay. To dry clay into ceramics, you need very high temperatures. You can either buy kilns or use your kitchen oven to dry clay. It can be used as a fake kiln, which is a great idea for people starting.


Many tools can be used when making pottery. Here are some of them:

  1. Clay needles poke holes in, carve, and trim clay.
  2. Wires can be cut to make small pieces of clay.
  3. Cloth: press down on the clay surface to make it feel smoother.
  4. Calipers are used to measure how far apart the edges are.

If you want to make pottery and don’t mind the costs, there are many ways to get started. Just look for better and more appropriate ways to do your hobby. You can do it if you learn well and keep at it. Best of luck!


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