Ideas for painting on pottery

It doesn’t matter if you made the pottery yourself or if you want to paint some plates or mugs you already have. This article gives you some easy and interesting pottery painting ideas that will keep you busy and help you relax. But, of course, you’ll also be able to paint your own pottery and make designs that are unique to you.

Pottery painting is a fun way to spend a lot of time, but most people don’t have a pottery wheel or a kiln to bake the pottery in. So, how do we paint pottery at home, so it turns out well? Everyone has old mugs or plates that could use a makeover or flower pots that would look great in the garden if painted.

If you have some pottery that hasn’t been painted or glazed, it’s easy to paint it. However, many ceramics have been glazed to protect the designs that have been painted on them, so re-painting them may be a little tricky. In addition, the glaze on these things is very smooth and hard, so the paint doesn’t stick.

To make the surface rough, you will need to use 150-grit sandpaper to sand the whole thing. First, clean the item well, then put a primer on it. The paint will adhere to the surface easier. Next, you can use oil-based or acrylic paints to make your own design on the ceramic surface. After the paint has dried, apply a protective sealing layer.

Ideas for painting on cups and mugs made of clay

Once you’ve chosen the cups or mugs you want to paint, wash them well to eliminate any grease or dirt. After this has dried well, you can start painting pottery. Then, of course, you could copy a design from a magazine or come up with your own ideas for how to paint on ceramics. But here are some ways to start painting on pottery.

Bubbles All Over

These ideas for first-timers who want to paint ceramics look simple but beautiful:

  1. You put water, dish soap, and paint in a cup or mug and mix them well.
  2. Blow a straw into the cup or mug, making the bubbles rise. Keep blowing until the bubbles reach the edge of the cup.
  3. Slightly tilt the cup to let the bubbles fall out.

Vibrant Glazes

For this method to work, a kiln is needed. This glaze ceramic painting idea, also called “undercoat glaze” or “pottery glazes,” is made by applying different colors of glaze more than once. After being baked in a kiln, you’ll notice the colors are more vivid and shiny. You can also use either a matte or a glossy finish.

Lace Paint Effect

When you start painting pottery, you should have fun and a good time. If that sounds like you, these ceramic painting ideas are for you. First, wet the cup or mug and put the lace on it while it is still wet. Then, paint over the lace.

Then pull the lace off, and you’ll have a beautiful lace pattern on your cup or mug.

Customized Designs

Painting pottery is a fun hobby you can do with your family, and you can also give your family and friends gifts made from painted pottery. How about painting the person’s name or initials on a cup or mug to make it more special? For this kind of pottery design, Sharpies might be a good idea. It is both a great and personal gift that will make the person feel loved and valued.

Ideas for painting bowls and plates made of ceramic

It’s not hard to paint pottery, and you only need a few tools and supplies. There’s no need for complicated patterns or small details, and there are many different ways to paint on ceramics. You can use Sharpies, acrylic paint, watercolors, or even markers to paint ideas on plates and bowls. You can try patterns like lines, dots, flowers, and more. So, let’s see what ideas for painting plates or bowls will work best for you.

Process of Moving and Tracking

Do you want to use a favorite symbol or picture? Why not use this as inspiration for painting plates or bowls? You only need some tracing paper and a graphite pencil to start tracing the symbol or picture onto the tracing paper. Then, place the tracing paper on your bowl or plate and trace the image or symbol again.

Fluid Art

Start by pouring some of your favorite acrylic pouring paint colors into three or four different containers. Next, pour the parts of the three or four acrylic mediums, one at a time, into a separate container without stirring. Now you may take this mixture to your bowl or plate and swirl it around until it covers the whole surface. Finally, you’re finished with a moist sponge to remove any excess paint.

Ideas for Polish Pottery Nails

You can make beautiful designs and ideas for pottery painting using nail polish. The patterns you can make on your bowls or plates can be made in any color. But remember that nail polish is not the same as regular paint.

Putting on a Wash

The wash painting method is a lot like a watercolor painting. You start by mixing your paint with water, then use a paintbrush to put the paint on your bowl or plate. You can use any bowl painting ideas you want, but make sure the brush strokes are still visible. It will make the design stronger.

Paint with a sponge

You can make your bowl painting ideas and designs with a synthetic sponge. Pour your paint into a container, then dip your sponge into the paint. Dab the sponge on a plate or bowl, and you’ve just made a beautiful sponge painting.

Alcohol Ink Designs on Pottery

Alcohol inks can be used to make unique designs on ceramics. You can use different colors and apply them directly to the vase, letting them run a little. You can also use blotting paper that has been dipped in ink. You could also use a stencil to draw your design on the glass and fill it in with ink. But alcohol ink dries very quickly, so you have to work fast.


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